In Smellovision​!​!​!

by The Magic Caravan

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Listening to the Magic Caravan is like sitting on a well-made whoopee-cushion: an exhilarating surprise.

::Initial Reactions from Other Artists::

"The arrangements are fantastic. I love the Banjo." - Bob Power

"My head just exploded from listening to the record." - Tim Adams

"Really Adventurous Stuff..." - Andres Levin

"It's been on repeat all weekend. Was like the band was in my living room!" - Ben Levin [no relation]

"Did I hear HELICOPTERS?." - Grandma Sunshine


released December 29, 2006

Conceived, composed and arranged by Mark Dzula.
Recorded and mixed by Dan Dzula.
Produced by the Dzula Bros. A labor of brotherly-love.

Mastered by Bob Power @ Chez Bob

Mark Dzula: Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Joe Davancens: Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Eric Farber: Drums
Kyle Forester: Guitar
Tim Cavaretta: Vocals
Dave Steinberg: Tenor Sax
Joe Ancowitz: Trumpet, Vocals
Dan Dzula: Percussion, Drums, Sequencing

Jackie Ciliberti: Facts & Trivia
Mike Fadem: Drums
Alexis Krauss: Vocals
Jake Bloomfield-Misrach: Guitar, Clarinet
Sipiwe Moyo: Dialogue
Nathan Paris: Trombone
Jeff Sackmann: Alto Sax
Robin Koob: Viola, Violin



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The Magic Caravan New York

The Magic Caravan was formed by Mark Dzula in 2000, as a spooky slideshow accompaniment orchestra. At once comedic, absurd, and theatrical, the band caters to NYC's more playful and adventurous audiences. Continually evolving, The Magic Caravan has earned a cult following for its hilarious multimedia shows featuring puppets, skits, vintage cartoons (scored live), video and performance art. ... more

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Track Name: The Joy of Cooking
I was looking through
An old cookbook,
Searching for
A wheat bread recipe.
There I saw my girlfriend
Tonguing her ex-boyfriend!
Captured in a color
Kodak photograph,
Stuck in the pages with
The recipe for
The pickled salmon croquette,
Stuck in the pages with
The recipe for
The creamy salt cod dip-
Her tongue was like this,
His tongue was like that,
I felt a bit sick,
I felt a bit mad, but you know,
You’re never gonna
Change the past!
Track Name: Tim, the Drunk Puppeteer
The life of a puppeteer
Is ripe with manifold frustration.
As I walk down the street I hear
Such colorful turns of phrase.
They call me things like
“Geppeto- phile,”
And “Puppet-fucker”
Always makes me smile.
But if you want to get
The best of me
Remember to refer to
These creative monikers I bear
No matter how great
Be my indignation,
Oh no one understands
This man with magic hands...
Nobody understands.
BUT- when I get so low,
I take a little nip to get me by.
Just a little sip to get me high
Just a little drip & I’m alright!
Let the spirits flow
All through my soul-
I take another nip to get me by,
Just a little sip to get me high,
I take another nip,
I take another nip!
Track Name: JRZ Queen
Oh Nadya you’re my one,
My love, my JRZ Queen;
Oh, the Turnpike air
Never smelled so sweet
As when you are near.
Your eyes are like
A sky of stars, my JRZ Queen
And I love you
More than my sports car,
Quite nearly dear.
My Camaro isn’t big,
But it will always fit you
By my side.
Let me take you out tonight
And we’ll make out in the light
Of a diner sign.
You have such a pretty face,
My JRZ Queen
You are the jewel
Of the Garden State,
You are my dear.
And if you should
Ever break my heart
My JRZ Queen,
All the malls would fall
And crumble into the sea.
But, oh my, you look so dear
Is that a tollbooth in your hair?
I think it’s charming.
You are a work of art,
You are the armpit of my heart,
You are, my darling.
Track Name: Sausage Party / Underwater Fireworks
Sausage party.
Ay, chorizo
Sausage party
Ooh, yeah
Track Name: Stank Bref
Your breath is busted trust me
it ain’t nothing but disgusting
like you put your toothbrush in the toilet,
but forgot to flush it!

Take your tube of poo-poo toothpaste
and go put it in the trash,
you got some scum on your gums,
your tonuge is one fat rash.

Now, I don’t know what you been told,
your mouth is raw, your breath is bold,
your throat is choking on the mold
been growing for a year,

so don’t you worry don’t you fear,
stanky breff’ll soon be here.
Hold your noses, smell psychosis,

(Animatronic Chorus:)
All the boys and girls
All around the world
Have got a brand new dance
And it goes like this:
Take your hands and put ‘em Into the air!
Swing to the left
Sway to the right:
Either you dance, or you die!

Your breath smells worse than rotten meat,
your breath smells worse than dirty feet,
your pussy gums are turning brown,
your breath smells worse than Chinatown!

Your friends are tired of dropping hints,
your mom threw out your doo-doo mints,
your breath is nasty that’s a fact,
if I were you I’d take it back!
Track Name: Wacky Jackie
Wacky Jackie has the facts
That we all want to know.
Life used to be so ordinary
Not since we met Wacky Jackie.
She’s a first-class World-Book
Full of wacky facts and trivia,
Oh Jackie, she’s alright.
There’s no higher station
For mis(s)information-
Track Name: Song for Bears & Fathers
Father grew a distant stare;
He saw things that were not there.
“In the back I swear I saw a bear.”
There were no bears anywhere.
But mother disappeared one night.
Father stared, my brother cried.
“I know my son’s a decent boy.
It’s hard to find things we both enjoy.
I wish he didn’t look so much like her.
I wish things could go back
To the way they were...
But there’s a bear
Hiding behind the trees,
Dancing with my little honeybee.”
We told father not to buy that gun.
“You don’t understand, my son.
The world is bigger
Than you’ll ever be,
Someday you’ll see things
That you can’t see.”
He went into the woods that night,
He took the gun,
He never said goodbye.
Track Name: Mattingly
(A letter in verse to the greatest baseball player that ever lived, even though he never won a World Series)